Understanding Manual Zr

Understanding Manual Zr

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Understanding Manual Zr provides a guided tour through residential zoning system design. This 5 DVD training set is designed for HVAC professionals who want to become proficient in all aspects of designing and evaluating zoned HVAC systems. The program begins with a discussion of the basics of residential zoning systems and the interdependencies that exist between the home, heating and/or cooling equipment, homeowner expectations and the zoning options that are currently available.

The first four DVDs in this series closely follow Manual Zr in evaluating the complexities surrounding the delivery of reliable zoning systems that improve comfort while also protecting the heating and cooling equipment. The fifth DVD brings it all together by walking the practitioner through an example problem that evaluates multiple design scenarios to deliver the best solution. (Approximately 5 hrs.)

Topics Include:

  • Air zoning issues
  • Zoning equipment and components
  • Zone system options
  • Bypass path duct control and sizing
  • Management of excess air with bypass, dump zones, distributed relief, and selective throttling

: Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA)

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