Understanding Manual S® - Residential Equipment Selection in the Real World

Understanding Manual S® - Residential Equipment Selection in the Real World

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Understanding Manual S® is a brand new unique 3-CD computer video training series that covers the basics of how to select and size heating and cooling equipment to meet Manual J loads based on local climate and ambient conditions at the building site.

Split into three parts, the user can move at his or her own pace, stopping and starting at any time. Understanding Manual S takes the nationally-recognized residential load calculation standard and breaks it down in a way that's easy to understand and apply. It's perfect for classrooms, training sessions, in the office, or in your home! 

The purpose of this program is to enlighten the user on the acceptable range of sizing possibilities for a given type of equipment. The user should have a working knowledge of ACCA Manuals J, D and T in order to use Manual S intelligently.

Part 1 – An Overview
In this CD the necessary prerequisites are discussed. The elements of human comfort are detailed and explained.  Oversizing issues for different equipment types are enumerated and the trade-off between comfort and efficiency is introduced.  Sensible heat, latent heat and total cooling are defined. The concept of Thermal Balance Point, the Defrost Knee and the defrost sequence of operation are all explained and a Balance Point diagram is constructed. Momentary loads, design conditions and Bin Hours are explained. Indoor humidity issues are detailed and explained. Equipment and system types are discussed with examples. Sensible heat ratio is defined.

Part 2 – Section N1
This CD covers the first of two normative sections of Manual S. Definitions are offered for AHAM Equipment, AHRI equipment, applied capacity, economic balance point, excess latent capacity, expanded performance data, enhanced compressor speed, extreme temperatures, full capacity, total cooling load, heating load, sizing value, over size factor and over size limit. Rounding rules for over sizing factors are clarified. OEM performance data requirements are discussed, as well as what to do when that data is unavailable or incomplete. Sensitivities to heat sink and heat source temperature, entering water temperature, blower cfm, water gpm and entering air conditions are detailed. Return duct load and engineered ventilation load effects are discussed. Altitude correction is discussed as well as air distribution requirements.

Part 3 – Section N3
This CD deals with the final normative section of Manual S. It details the equipment size limits for AHRI certified cooling equipment, AHRI certified heat pump equipment, electric heating coils, fossil fuel furnaces, hot water boilers and hot water heaters, dual fuel systems, ancillary dehumidification equipment, winter humidification equipment, AHAM certified appliances and direct evaporative cooling equipment. Along the way definitions are offered for heating and cooling degree days, operating and safety controls and Condition A and Condition B heat pumps. Details are given for the documentation requirements for each type of equipment. 

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