Understanding Manual N - Commercial Load Calc in the Real World

Understanding Manual N - Commercial Load Calc in the Real World

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The purpose of this 5 CD set is to help give you the necessary tools to calculate the heating and cooling loads for low rise commercial buildings.

Part 1 (Limitations and Definitions)

Understand the limitations and guidelines for using the abridged edition of Manual N (5th edition).  Become familiar with concepts like Adequate Exposure Diversity, Excursion Adjustment and Peak Cooling Loads.  All heating and cooling loads are discussed including Sensible Loads, Latent Loads, Envelope Loads, Space Loads and System Loads.  Design Load Conditions are determined and Part Load  Conditions and Extreme Load Conditions are considered.  Zoning considerations and what constitutes a zone are covered as well.  Induced Infiltration Load and Dehumidification Loads are also determined and Load Lines are explained.

Part 2 (How Heat Moves, Human Comfort and Fenestration)

Heat is defined and heat moves is discussed.  The concepts of Density, R value, U value and HTM are explained as well as Sensible Heat and Latent Heat.  Space Load Diversity, Diversity Index, Sensible Load Diversity and Latent Load Diversity are all defined and explained.  The ASHRAE Comfort Envelope, Temperature Differences relative to HTD, CTD and CLTD are covered.  Winter and Midsummer Design Conditions, Outdoor Design Conditions, Elevation, Latitude and Partition temperature difference are all considered.  Fenestration, External shading by overhang, Foreground reflections and Thermal storage are all explained.

Part 3 (Opaque Panels and Internal Loads)

Opaque panels are define and calculated.  Passive floors and Radiant floors are distinguished and calculations performed.  Partitions and PTHD and PTCD values are considered.  Internal loads, Month of year and hour of day  and Diversity factors are reviewed.  Lighting loads, Occupancy loads and Sensible and/or latent loads for occupants, animals, plants, office equipment, motors, appliances and food are all calculated and explained.

Part 4 (Infiltration and Duct System Loads)
Calculations for Infiltration rate and resultant heat loss/gain are discussed.  Infiltration tables, Door infiltration and Space Pressures are evaluated.  Duct leakage and Exhaust are also considered.  Altitude correction is determined and Block infiltration load and assignment to rooms or zones is explained.  Duct loads, Insulation, and Sealing are all considered.  Air loading factor is explained and calculated.

Part 5 (Ventilation and Blower Heat)
Ventilation and Ventilation rate are determined.  Health and safety considerations are discussed.  Sensible and Latent Load calculations are performed for all.  Recovery equipment, Ancillary make-up equipment and Exhaust equipment are all considered. 
Air distribution loads and Blower heat are explained and calculated.  What to do next relative to forms, worksheets, spread sheets and/or computer analysis are all considered.

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