Understanding Electronically Commutated Motors

Understanding Electronically Commutated Motors

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: 9781616071912

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A comprehensive study and resource manual that serves as a fundamental building block to understanding electronically commutated motors (ECMs), this book draws on the author’s more than 20 years of HVACR experience and extensive knowledge of ECMs. ECMs designed specifically for OEM (original equipment manufacturer) multistage indoor blower motor applications entered the HVACR industry in the late 1980s. Today they are utilized in all HVACR OEM motor applications, as well as a growing number of retrofit applications. This book starts at the beginning with a detailed outline of ECM theory, and goes on to discuss all HVACR ECM applications, designs, operational capabilities, diagnostics, and repair. The author covers the entire history and evolution of ECMs, including the most current advancements in technology and applications.

ECMs are an integral component in high-efficiency advanced comfort and refrigeration systems. In addition, ECMs play an important role in supporting the minimum-efficiency standards currently mandated in some OEM commercial refrigeration systems. ECMs are likely to be required in many more OEM HVACR applications in the not-so-distant future. Savvy business owners and homeowners are already replacing their induction motors in existing commercial refrigeration and HVAC indoor blower applications with retrofit ECMs, realizing the efficiency and comfort value they provide. Educators, trainers, distributors, sales staff, and technicians will find that this book provides the knowledge necessary to properly install, maintain, service, and retrofit HVACR systems with ECM technology.

isbn-- 9781616071912

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