Understanding Electricity & Wiring Diagrams for HVAC/R

Understanding Electricity & Wiring Diagrams for HVAC/R

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Understanding Electricity & Wiring Diagrams
     for HVAC/R

By Robert Chatenever
311 Pages, hardcover
11 x 8

This is the best book I have found for teaching wiring diagrams. I like it because it does much more than show wiring diagrams. It gives a good step-by-step development from simple to more complex diagrams. But Chatenever also shows how each diagram relates to how that unit operates. In addition, the book does an excellent job of teaching troubleshooting. I like the instructions for troubleshooting because they emphasize using your knowledge and intelligence rather than just relying on blocked-out steps. It has excellent exercises and questions.



   Electrical Concepts
   Simple Circuits
   Standing Pilot Furnaces
   Heating/Air Conditioning Circuits
   Troubleshooting Strategies
   Testing and Replacing Common Devices
   Repair Strategies
   Commercial Systems
   Motor Applications
   Power Wiring
   Testing and Replacing Motors and Start Relays
   How Motors Work
   Low-Voltage Room Thermostats
   Electronic Ignition Gas-Fired Furnaces
   Oil Heat
   Electric Heat
   Heat Pumps
   Ice Makers
   Miscellaneous Devices and Accessories
   Wiring Techniques
   DDC Controls
   Glossary and Abbreviations

isbn-- 909780135178973

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