Tools, Controls, and Troubleshooting

Tools, Controls, and Troubleshooting

: RSES (Refrigeration Service Engineers Society)

: 9781616070038

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Instruction is provided on the proper use of trade tools associated with refrigeration and air conditioning, including tube benders and cutters, ratchet wrenches, flaring tools, pinch-off and swaging tools, voltage testers, vacuum pumps and vacuum gauges, and charging cylinders. This course also provides comprehensive instruction on servicing electric motors, capacitors, motor protectors, and direct digital controls (DDC). Troubleshooting is emphasized in this course, with five Lessons dedicated to this vital activity. Proper procedures for replacing compressors and evacuating systems are covered as well.

Lesson 1 Trade Tools
Lesson 2 Electricity for the Service Technician (Part 1)
Lesson 3 Electricity for the Service Technician (Part 2)
Lesson 4 Electric Motors in Refrigeration Systems
Lesson 5 Motor Capacitors
Lesson 6 Motor Protectors
Lesson 7 Low-Voltage Thermostat
Lesson 8 Introduction to Pneumatic Controls (Part 1)
Lesson 9 Introduction to Pneumatic Controls (Part 2)
Lesson 10 Direct Digital Controls
Lesson 11 Troubleshooting (Part 1)
Lesson 12 Troubleshooting (Part 2)
Lesson 13 Troubleshooting (Part 3)
Lesson 14 Troubleshooting (Part 4)
Lesson 15 Troubleshooting (Part 5)
Lesson 16 Compressor Replacement and System Evacuation

isbn-- 9781616070038

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