Tips for Residential HVAC Installation

Tips for Residential HVAC Installation

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: 9780880690393

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by Larry Gardner/Leo
Indoor Environment Technician's Library

Larry Gardner is an experienced installer and contractor for residential HVAC work. In this book, he shares tips he has learned over the years on how to do the job faster, better, and smarter.

This master installer gives you 41 practical tips involving:

Tools and Materials Installing Duct Panning Takeoffs and Connections Field modifying Duct Using Drive Cleats Hangers and Supports

For anyone new to the HVAC trade or for the individual ready to master sheet metal, Tips for Residential HVAC Installation al is a must have. This new book should have been titled The Residential Installation Bible. This book will save you the time and mistakes I learned from when installing residential HVAC sheet metal systems. I wish I had known the tips and tricks offered in this publication when I started in this trade. The tips presented in this book can only be mastered by many years of trade experience or by learning from the best in the HVAC trade.

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