The Complete Lab Manual for Electricity 4th Edition

The Complete Lab Manual for Electricity 4th Edition

: Cengage Learning

: 9781133673828

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THE COMPLETE LABORATORY MANUAL FOR ELECTRICITY, 4th Edition This edition offers a perfect fit with a progression of topics; and meaningful experiments. Lab activities make use of wirewound resistors rather than incandescent lamps to adhere to government regulations. Learners explore electrical concepts –- AC theory, transformers, and motor controls. Each lab explains the circuits , examples of calculations, and procedures for conducting the experiment. Learners construct a multitude of circuits, including series, parallel, combination, RL series and parallel, RC series and parallel, and RLC series and parallel circuits. This Edition is a stand-alone resource or ideal supplement for mastery of electrical skills today’s learners need.

  • THE ONLY GENERIC LAB MANUAL ON THE MARKET, THIS EDITION IS IDEAL AS A STAND-ALONE RESOURCE OR SUPPLEMENT TO ANY ELECTRICAL THEORY BOOK. A logical progression of topics makes this hands-on, practical LAB MANUAL the perfect companion for Delmar’s STANDARD TEXT FOR ELECTRICITY, 6E or any electrical theory book.
  • SIMPLE, LESS EXPENSIVE LABS PROVIDE MEANINGFUL HANDS-ON PRACTICE. Now you can easily create labs that reinforce hands-on practice working with today’s most important electrical principles. Instead of requiring extremely expensive commercial training equipment, this LAB MANUAL emphasizes how to construct significant experiments using relatively inexpensive resistors and capacitors and other common items from your lab.
  • EXPANDED INFORMATION ON SINGLE-POLE, THREE-WAY, AND FOUR-WAY SWITCH CONNECTIONS PREPARES READERS TO WORK EFFECTIVELY IN TODAY’S ELECTRICAL FIELD. Readers gain a solid understanding of the basic types of switches that electricians regularly install in residential, commercial, or industrial applications.
  • PROVEN HANDS-ON METHODOLOGY AND “LEARN BY DOING” APPROACH PREPARES READERS FOR ACTUAL ON-THE-JOB CHALLENGES. Every lab and experiment is carefully tailored to offer practice in specific, real situations electricians are most likely to encounter in today’s professional environment.
  • EXPERIMENTS INTRODUCE ELECTRICAL SKILLS USING 120 VOLTS AC AND 208 VOLTS THREE-PHASE. Laboratories simply need access to 120 volts AC and 208 volts three-phase to offer extensive practical experience critical for the learner’s professional success.
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