Team Building (The Technical Manager's Survival Guides)

Team Building (The Technical Manager's Survival Guides)

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By Marcus Goncalves

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"Finally! A great read that deftly mixes theory, practical tools and personal experience into a provocative book about building business teams. Marcus Goncalves stands above the crowd as an author, and consultant, who understands the mechanics of today's international businesses, and responds with interesting and applicable team-building processes."
--Mark G. Payne, Senior OD Consultant, International Paper.

"Concise. Straight forward. Bravo Marcus! I only have one question. Do you want my old team building books? They are now apparently out dated. Your book is a solid reference to tested techniques combined with nuggets of current industry thinking. An easy read and must have for any library."
--Stephanie Pawlowicz, Senior Project Manager, Lexmark.

"Marcus Goncalves's new book reveals his desire to teach and guide an organization, of any size and culture, toward knowledge transfer and continued improvement. He reminds us that our #1 resource is the people within the organization and how managers and leaders can maximize performance and achievements through effective Team Building. As I read the draft of this book, I found myself highlighting, tabbing and jotting notes, with a renewed inspiration and enthusiasm for my next team building opportunity. Thanks!"
-- Larry Miller, Manager Fossil Projects, PPL Montana.

"In this book, Marcus Goncalves has put on paper the fundamentals that every empowering manager must understand before attempting the process of team building. From Storming, Norming, and Performing to the SWOT analysis, this book has it all. Its recommended reading to any manager that is beginning this team building process, and to the rest of us so that we can remember what we have forgotten!"
--James Willey, PE, Vice President, Covanta Energy, Philippines Operating, Inc.

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