Sampling and Analysis of Indoor Microorganisms

Sampling and Analysis of Indoor Microorganisms


: 9780471730934

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The purpose of the book is to help investigators, laboratory managers, and environmental health professionals properly use science methods and correctly interpret the results by explaining the utility and various applications of advanced approaches to analyzing and remedying microbial contamination indoors. Sampling and Analysis of Indoor Microorganisms considers the fundamental concerns of microbiological growth and contamination indoors — how it starts, where to look, how to analyze it, and what path of remediation to consider. This comprehensive book covers:

  • Problems in a water-damaged environment
  • Indoor construction techniques and materials that impact environmental microbiology
  • Sampling approaches
  • Microbial ecology indoors, airborne bacteria, genetic-based analytical methods and statistical tools for microorganism analysis
  • Mold removal principles and methods, including specialized microbial remediation techniques for HVAC systems, legionellas and biofilms, and sewage contamination
  • A forensic approach toward the assessment of fungal growth in the indoor environment