Residential Design Instructor Power Point Presentations

Residential Design Instructor Power Point Presentations

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The intent of this series of MS Power Point presentations (over 700 slides) is to provide instructors with varying levels of experience the building blocks to teach the residential HVAC design process over a wide variety of time frames.

This material could be used by time-strapped instructors familiar with Manual J7 who need course material to transition to the new Manual J8AE. This material provides the basic building blocks for a full program. These presentations would make an excellent supplement to an existing course. The concepts explained in these slideshows could round out the repertoire of a seasoned instructor. The individual presentations may also provide a new perspective or a fresh way of explaining the residential HVAC system design process The slideshows can also help if you have been teaching ACCA materials and just need some new concepts to augment your training program.

This step-by-step training material can be opened, modified, adapted, or changed to meet your needs. It can be pared down to a condensed overview of the residential HVAC system design process or it could be used as is for a full week of training. An instructor could also expand this curriculum into a full semester or properly augmented with supplemental information, case studies or additional examples, this material could cover a full school year. However you decide to use this CD we trust that it will provide assistance as you teach.

Course Overview
MS PowerPoint® Presentations


  • Introduction
  • NATE
  • Comfort
  • Making an Accurate Load Estimate
  • Physical Principles and Mathematics

Manual J – Calculating Heating and Cooling Loads 

  • Important Issues and Concepts
  • MJ8ae Capabilities and Sensativities
  • Home Survey
  • Types of Heating and Cooling Loads
  • Components of Heat Loss and Gain Calculations
  • Hands on Lab and Instructions for Using the J1 Form (part 1)
  • Hands on Lab and Instructions for Using the J1 Form (part 2)
  • What To Do Next

Manual S – Equipment Selection

  • System Design Problems
  • Furnaces and Boiler Selection
  • Cooling Equipment Selection

Manual D – Duct Distribution Design

  • Basic Principles of Residential Duct Sizing
  • Residential Air Distribution
  • Equipment – Air Side Devices
  • Duct Design and Sizing Lab – American Furnace Company (fictitious)
  • Duct Design and Sizing Lab – USA Furnace Company (fictitious)
  • Designing a Perimeter Loop Duct System

Manual T – Air Terminal Selection 

Technical Bulletins

  • TB-70 Evaluating Residential Zoning Requirements 
  • TB-116 Basic Principles — Residential Duct Sizing Calculations
  • TB-141 Comfortable and Healthy Homes by Design

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