Oil Heating

Oil Heating

: RSES (Refrigeration Service Engineers Society)

: 9781616070496

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This comprehensive course on oil heating includes the origin, refining process, and burning characteristics of fuel oil. In addition, equipment application parameters, burner and accessories, fuel characteristics, oil burners, tanks and piping ignition systems, oil burner controls, troubleshooting, and industrial flame safeguard controls are discussed in detail.

Lesson 1 Fuel Oils: Origin, Refining Process, and Burning Characteristics
Lesson 2 Equipment Application Parameters
Lesson 3 Burners and Accessories
Lesson 4 Fuel Characteristics, Fuel/Burner Relationship, and Burners
Lesson 5 Burners: Capacity Selection and Combustion Chamber Installation
Lesson 6 Tanks and Piping: Fuel Units and Ignition Systems
Lesson 7 Oil Burners: Controls, Start-Up, and Combustion Efficiency
Lesson 8 Understanding Oil Burner Controls (Part 1)
Lesson 9 Understanding Oil Burner Controls (Part 2)
Lesson 10 Troubleshooting Primary Controls
Lesson 11 Troubleshooting Components (Part 1)
Lesson 12 Troubleshooting Components (Part 2)
Lesson 13 Troubleshooting Controlled Components
Lesson 14 Industrial Flame Safeguard Controls
Lesson 15 Troubleshooting Systems

isbn-- 9781616070496

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