Mechanical Engineering in a Flash (MEFL)

Mechanical Engineering in a Flash (MEFL)


: 9781591260820

: Book


A perfect supplement for successful Mechanical PE exam preparation, these flashcards challenge your recall of key information and enable you to review basic principles, formulas, equations, laws, units, and conversions.

Quickly Review Important Topics for the Mechanical PE Exam

  • Memorize key concepts.
  • Increase your problem-solving speed.
  • Improve your confidence.

Prepare to pass the Mechanical PE exam with

  • 400 cards containing key information in the form of questions
  • a complete answer on the reverse side of each card

Topics Covered

  • General Knowledge, Codes, and Standards
  • Machine Design and Materials
  • Hydraulics and Fluids
  • Energy Conversion/Power Systems
  • HVAC and Refrigeration: Breadth
  • HVAC and Refrigeration: Depth
  • Machine Design: Depth
  • Thermal and Fluids Systems: Depth