Math for HVACR

Math for HVACR

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: Goodheart-Wilcox Publisher

: 9781631269288

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Math for HVACR provides a review of basic math and advanced calculations (geometry, algebra, and trigonometry) within a framework of HVACR applications, helping students gain confidence and achieve success in math-based HVACR tasks. Major areas of instructional content include whole numbers, common fractions, decimal fractions, percentages, systems of measurement, electrical calculations, and algebraic, geometric, and trigonometric functions. Answers to odd-numbered practice problems are listed in the back of the text.
  • Write-in format is easy to use and convenient for students.
  • Serves as an excellent supplement for all HVACR and mechanical trades courses.
  • Provides practice problems for the HVACR technician in addition to a basic math instruction or refresher.
  • isbn-- 9781631269288
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