Materials for Energy Efficiency and Thermal Comfort in Buildings

Materials for Energy Efficiency and Thermal Comfort in Buildings

: Elsevier

: 9780081014882

: Book


Part 1 Fundamental issues and building physics: Heat and mass transport; Hygrothermal behaviour and simulation; Ventilation, air quality and air-tightness; Heat energy storage and cooling; Thermal comfort; Environmental health and safety. Part 2 Materials and sustainable technologies: Life cycle assessment; Inorganic mineral insulation; Natural fibre and fibre composite insulation; Polymeric foam insulation; Insulation for building equipment; Reflective materials and radiant barriers; Aerogel insulation; Hygrothermal materials for heat and moisture control; Desiccant materials for moisture control; Phase change materials; Porous materials for evaporative cooling; Prefabricated units and modern methods of construction (MMC); Roofing materials; Benchmarking performance of façades. Part 3 Application of advanced building materials and design: Materials and eco-building design; Domestic buildings; Commercial buildings; High performance buildings; New buildings; Refurbishment; Hot and tropical climates.

isbn-- 9780081014882

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