Mastering Heat Pump Service

Mastering Heat Pump Service

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The Air-to-Air Heat Pump Service Exam actually offers four specialty certifications -- Heat Pump Service, Heat Pump Installation, Air Conditioning Service, and Air Conditioning Installation. This 4-CD set, with review questions and handouts, will teach you everything you need to know in order to successfully take and pass this vital exam and receive four specialty NATE certifications!

Part 1 Electrical


  • The structure of the exam

  • Basic principles of electricity and Ohm's Law

  • Transformer operation and relevant calculations

  • Compressor troubleshooting, wiring, and potential relay

  • Capacitor and fuse testing techniques

  • ;Procedures for testing for open and closed switches and voltage drop

  • Wiring of capacitors

  • Series and parallel circuits

    Part 2 Air Flow


  • Air flow basics

  • The Sensible Heat Equation and The Fan Laws

  • ;Centrifugal blowers

  • Registers, grilles and human comfort

  • Flexible duct application

  • Duct construction, installation, and system types

  • External Static Pressure

  • Air pressure measuring devices

  • NFPA requirements

    Part 3 Refrigeration


  • Definition of a refrigerating system

  • Heat pump refrigeration system

  • ;Superheat and subcooling

  • Refrigeration piping procedures

  • Refrigerant leak detection

  • Service valves

    Part 4 Heat Pumps

    vReversing (4 way) valve function and operation

  • Balance Point Outdoor, unit location and packaged unit placement

  • Thermostat operation

  • Add-on heat pump controls and low pressure functions

  • Air cleaners and attic installations

  • Sensible, latent heat and Sensible Heat Ratio

  • Heat pump selection and COP

  • Humidity, wet bulb, dry bulb, and sling psychrometers
  • : Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA)