Mastering Gas Furnace Installation

Mastering Gas Furnace Installation

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Mastering Gas Furnace Installation is a complete training class on computer video, taught by Jack Rise, one of the country's leading HVACR educators designed to help technicians and others take and pass the NATE specialty exam in gas furnace service. Learn at your own pace! A must-have for the library of any contractor, school, distributor, or anyone interested in NATE certification for themselves or their employees. Each part includes handouts and example questions.

Part 1 - Gases, Burners and Combustion

  • Furnace construction.
  • Composition of the gases.
  • Field conversion from one gas to another.
  • Manifold and line pressures.
  • Elements of combustion.
  • Byproducts of complete combustion.
  • Primary and secondary air requirements.
  • Volume of air required to sustain combustion.
  • Different types of burners.
  • Intermittent and interrupted ignition systems.
  • Thermocouples and powerpile generators.


Part 2 - Installation

  • Air path from heat exchanger to evaporator.
  • Combustible floor bases.
  • Furnace and flu pipe clearances.
  • Concerns for attic installation.
  • Requirements for closet installation.
  • Package unit installation.
  • Flexible duct installation.
  • Different duct connectors and seams.
  • Air cleaner, economizer and leak detection.
  • Temperature rise method of determining air volume.
  • Air pressure measurement
  • Air balancing

Part 3 - Venting

  • Venting categories.
  • Common venting.
  • Sidewall venting.
  • Roof venting.
  • Concerns for basement installations.
  • Vent connectors.
  • Combustion air requirements.
  • Flexible duct installation.
  • Ways to eliminate confined spaces.

Part 4 - Electrical

  • Open and closed switches.
  • Contractor pitting.
  • Thermostat heat anticipation and location.
  • Proper use of voltmeter, ammeter and ohmmeter.
  • Wire sizes.
  • Fuse sizing and check-out.
  • Heating sequence of operation.
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