Mastering Air Distribution Service

Mastering Air Distribution Service

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Mastering Air Distribution Service is a complete training class on computer video, taught by Jack Rise, one of the country's leading HVACR educators designed to help technicians and others take and pass the NATE specialty exam in gas furnace service. Learn at your own pace! A must-have for the library of any contractor, school, distributor, or anyone interested in NATE certification for themselves or their employees. Each part includes handouts and example questions. Part 1 - Airflow Principles
The concepts of sensible and latent heat are discussed. Sensible Heat Ratio is explained. The details of choosing equipment based on load calculations are discussed. All aspects of volume, velocity and pressure are considered in an operating distribution system. The concerns with common myths are enumerated. The Fan Laws are all discussed and the concept of External Static Pressure is explained. The pressure drops associated with airside components are considered. Infiltration, ventilation and exfiltration are all explained. Register and grille selection and location are discussed. 46 Review questions are offered.

Part 2 - Measurement and Diagnostics
The concepts of Human Comfort and the Occupied Zone are defined. The devices and methods used to measure pressure in an operating duct system are detailed. How and where to measure velocity, as well as how to perform a duct traverse are all explained in detail. The mechanics of volume measurement are discussed as are the details for determining temperature rise across fossil fuel appliances. A mathematical method for determining air volume is discussed and the details of clocking a gas meter are enumerated. The problems created by ducts that are too small, blower wheels that are damaged and filters that are not maintained are all discussed. A simple balancing methodology is offered and moisture in the air is examined. Proper refrigerant charging is reviewed. 46 Review questions are offered.

Part 3 - Fabrication and Installation
Longitudinal seams and transverse joints are defined and explained. Isometric drawings are detailed. Fiberglass duct board hand tools and fabrication techniques are explained and their application discussed. Duct system types are enumerated and defined. Attic installation details are offered. Furnace construction, combustion air and thermostat operation are all explained.; Flexible duct installation and cautions are detailed. The requirements for duct hanging and support are discussed for all duct materials. The practice of insulating ducts, panning ducts and equipment installation to reduce noise are all explained. Relays, contractors and switching configurations are all explained and defined. Relevant aspects of the NEC and NFPA 54 are considered. 45 Review questions are offered.quick-add/hvac-online-training-study-course /

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