Manual Zr: Residential Zoning - Manual Zr

Manual Zr: Residential Zoning - Manual Zr

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Original equipment manufacturers, zoning equipment producers, HVAC contractors, and allied industry experts teamed up to provide all of the information needed to be successful when designing a zoned HVAC system for new retrofit.


Topics Include:


  • Zoning advantages and discusses appropriate use of the zoning concept
  • Types of systems, equipment, and components used for air damper zoning. Related topics
  • Zoning metrics and methods
  • Doable owner expectations
  • Guidance for designing the entire zone damper systems
  • Limitations in design applications of bypass air
  • Load calculations for zoned systems
  • Strategies for excess air management

    : Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA)

    : 9781892765551