Introduction To Electricity Instructor Edition

Introduction To Electricity Instructor Edition

: RSES (Refrigeration Service Engineers Society)

: 9781616070342

: Book


This course explores the fundamental concepts of electricity and magnetism. Voltage, direct and alternating current, series and parallel circuits, electrical symbols and schematic diagrams, and electrical safety are also covered.

Lesson 1 Fundamental Concepts of Electricity
Lesson 2 Fundamental Concepts of Magnetism
Lesson 3 Voltage = EMF = Potential Difference
Lesson 4 Fundamental Concepts of Direct Current
Lesson 5 Fundamental Concepts of Alternating Current
Lesson 6 Series and Parallel Circuits
Lesson 7 Electrical Symbols and Schematic Diagrams
Lesson 8 Electrical Safety

isbn--  9781616070342

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