Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

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: 978-0-88069-022-5

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Includes air contaminants and IAQ problems in the HVAC system, finding solutions to air quality problems. Forms and checklists for HVAC system evaluation.

Don’t say, "I don’t do IAQ surveys." Makes no difference. You are working with HVAC systems and they are the major controller of indoor air quality. Learn how duct systems can spread contaminants and why outside air intakes are important. You need to know how airflow affects a space and how the attitudes of building occupants can make a good HVAC system seem bad. Success means knowing more than the average person. This book was written by John Berggren, an expert in this field. After he wrote the book, I went over it with him, page by page to make sure it met the IET Library standards of practicality, plain explanations, and easy reading.