Immune Building Systems Technology

Immune Building Systems Technology


: 9780071402460

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Intended as an all-encompassing reference handbook and text, it provides assessment information for industrial hygiene and environmental health professionals on the best methods for the control of bioaerosols and some chemical agents in buildings including: homes, schools, hospitals, and offices. This text is original in its coverage of airborne pathogens, the mechanical systems used to control indoor air quality, indoor disease control, bioweapons, and mold contamination. Information on building and running systems impervious to bioweapons, and retrofitting existing heating and ventilation systems is also provided. Chapters in the book include:


Biological Weapon Agents
Dose and Epidemiology of CBW Agents
Buildings and Attach Scenarios
Air-Cleaning and Disinfection Systems
Simulation of Building Attach Scenarios
Decontamination and Remediation
Alternative Technologies
Chemical Weapon Agents
Dispersion and Delivery Systems
Ventilation Systems
Detection of CBW Agents
Immune Building Control Systems
Security and Emergency Procedures
Mailrooms and CBW Agents