HVACR 201, 1st Edition

HVACR 201, 1st Edition

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By John E. Hohman; Joseph Moravek

The second installment in a series of useful and resourceful guides, HVACR 201, continues to build upon the basics of the HVACR trade. The result of a joint effort by industry leading Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), PHCC Educational Foundation Plumbing Apprentice & Journeyman Training Committee (PHCC Educational Foundation), and the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES), the book begins with simpler HVACR concepts and progresses into increasingly complex theories and skills. Starting with coverage of all of the important components of a system, the book advances to deal with topics in electrical ,heating, motors , and cooling- then moving to troubleshooting and installation procedures. Theoretical knowledge is presented alongside practical, industry-relevant examples, allowing both entry-level technicians and 2nd year apprentices to easily learn and apply key HVACR concepts.


  • industry-specific language is used in a clear, straightforward writing style, ensuring readers gain information that is readily applicable to the world of their trade
  • detailed pictures, graphs, and tables clarify and illustrate important systems and processes
  • field examples and real-world scenarios encourage readers to think critically, preparing them for work in the field
  • reflects a curriculum developed by a subject matter committee sponsored by the organizations
  • based on the need for the industry to have technicians who know both theory and practice
  • special section on maintenance and inspection

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: 9781418066642

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