HVAC Technician's Handbook (downloadable)

HVAC Technician's Handbook (downloadable)

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: 9780880690317

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HVAC Technician's Handbook
By Leo A Meyer 
112 Pages, 6 x 9 softcover


Handy reference for hydronics, airflow, heat transfer, and electrical systems/motors. In this concise volume you can look up such things as V-belt sizes, fan laws, equations for heat flow, flow through coils, and electrical values. Learn “Rules of thumb“ that let you estimate if components are operating in a safe range. No theoretical concepts.

Rules of thumb to determine if systems and components are operating in a safe range. Identifies sources of problems. Equations, values, and conversions. A reference book for everyone in HVAC industry.

    Heat Transfer
    Electrical Systems and Motors
    Values and Conversions
    Definitions and Abbreviations

isbn-- 9780880690317

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