HVAC System Control (2002) Dual units (IP/SI)

HVAC System Control (2002) Dual units (IP/SI)

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Introduction to automatic control of HVAC equipment and systems. Topics include: control loops, types of control action (two position or on/off, floating, proportional, proportional-integral or PI, and proportional-integral-derivative or PID), pneumatic controls, analog-electric controls, microprocessor-based controls or DDC, unit-level control versus system-level control, example unitlevel control loops for a VAV air handler (discharge-air temperature, ventilation, airside economizer, mixed-air temperature, static pressure, building pressurization), examples of system-level control (occupied versus unoccupied modes, morning warmup mode, changeover in a two-pipe system, water loop temperature control in a WSHP system), examples of system optimization strategies (fan-pressure optimization, optimum start, chilled-water reset, WSHP loop optimization), normally-open versus normally-closed actuators, common functions of a building automation system (responding to complaints, graphical user interface, time-of-day scheduling, centralized alarms and diagnostics, remote access, reports, preventive maintenance, integration with other systems, multiple-site support), network terminology, dedicated vs. shared networks, communication protocols, gateways, interoperability, BACnet, LonTalk, LonMark

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