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This text provides an understanding of fundamental HVAC concepts and how to extend these principles to the explanation of simple design tools used to create building systems that are efficient and provide comfortable and healthy environments.

The text contains twelve chapters that review the fundamentals of refrigeration, heat transfer, and psychrometrics. Information from the ASHRAE Handbook:Fundamentals is summarized and supplemented with items from industry sources. The remaining chapters assemble information from ASHRAE Handbooks, ASHRAE standards and manufacturer data present design procedures commonly used by professional engineers.

Other topics include equipment selection and specification, comfort and IAQ, building assemblies, heating and cooling loads, air distribution system design, water distribution system design, electrical and control systems, design for energy efficiency, and design for economic value.

A suite of complementary spreadsheet programs that incorporate design and computation procedures from the text are provided on the CD that accompanies this book. These programs include psychrometric analysis, equipment selection, heating and cooling load calculation, an electronic "ductulator," piping system design, a ductwork cost calculator, and programs to evaluate building system demand and energy efficiency. Future updates to these programs can be found at ashrae.org/publicationupdates.

The downloadable version of this product comes as a zip file and includes a PDF of HVAC Simplified and all the supporting files located on the CD that accompanies the print version. You must have WinZip to open the download. The spreadsheets on the CD operate with Excel. The print edition ships with an accompanying single-user CD compatible with Windows and Mac.

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