HVAC Safety Program Guide (downloadable)

HVAC Safety Program Guide (downloadable)

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HVAC Safety Program Guide (downloadable)
By Leo A Meyer
36 Pages, 8.5 x 11 softcover

This guide provides the basis for your OSHA-required shop safety program when used in conjunction with Safety for the Indoor Environment Technician. This guide will help you keep track of the progress of employees thoughout your safety program with the reproducible Safety Checks. These signed Safety Checks are a record that you have provided appropriate safety instruction to each employee. The Safety Progress Record is a chart that keeps track of all employees progress.

Avoid personal injury and costly accidents. You can’t work without fingers! And other parts! This book will keep you and your fellow workers all together. OSHA will love you. Don’t slow your path to success by accidents.

    Safety Check   1—Keeping Safety in Mind 
    Safety Check   2—Hazardous Materials 
    Safety Check   3—Electrical Safety 
    Safety Check   4—Equipment Safety 
    Safety Check   5—Fan Safety 
    Safety Check   6—Piping Safety 
    Safety Check   7—Sheet Metal Shop Safety 
    Safety Check   8—Construction Safety 
    Safety Check   9—Ladder Safety 
    Safety Check 10—Scaffolds and Work Platforms Hoisting

isbn-- 9780880690843

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