HVAC Quality Installation Specification

HVAC Quality Installation Specification

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This nationally approved specification meets the needs of: Contractors - Contractors - to demonstrate their commitment to quality HVAC installations in residential and commercial building applications; Home Owners - identifies tasks and practices that lead to healthy homes, long equipment life, and reduce utility bills Building Owners - to identify quality contractor practices and to ensure that quality installations are received; HVAC trainers - to assist in the ongoing development of appropriate course curricula and training programs Utilities- to integrate the recommendations into their incentive programs Equipment manufacturers - to highlight and encourage quality installation practices, resulting in better equipment performance and durability The HVAC Quality Installation Specification's set of requirements address: Design Aspects (i.e., building heat gain/loss load calculations, proper equipment capacity selection, matched systems) Equipment Installation Aspect (i.e., airflow, refrigerant charge, electrical requirements, on-rate gas-fired equipment, combustion venting system, and system controls) Duct Distribution Aspect (i.e., duct leakage and airflow balance) System Documentation and Owner Education Aspects

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