HVAC Control Systems 4th Edition

HVAC Control Systems 4th Edition


: 9780826907790

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  • 4th Edition
  • © 2017
  • ISBN: 9780826907790
  • Author(s): Ronnie J. Auvil
  • Textbook: 576 pages, 527 illustrations, hardcover

HVAC Control Systems provides an introduction to HVAC fundamentals and an in-depth explanation of HVAC control systems. This textbook is designed for HVAC, building maintenance, and controls technicians. It includes coverage of commercial heating and cooling systems, indoor air quality, ventilation requirements, and the networks and controls used to manage them. Each chapter is divided into sections, with checkpoints reinforcing comprehension of key concepts.

Key features of this edition:
• Web-based control and networking
• Wireless control applications
• Energy auditing
• Controller programming

Content Includes:

• HVAC Fundamentals
• Commercial Building Heating Systems
• Commercial Building Cooling Systems
• Indoor Air Quality and Commercial Air Handling Units
• HVAC System Energy Sources
• Control Principles
• Control Systems
• Air Compressor Stations
• Pneumatic Actuators, Dampers, and Valves
• Pneumatic Thermostats, Humidistats, and Pressure Switches
• Pneumatic Transmitters
• Pneumatic Receiver Controllers
• Pneumatic Auxiliary Devices
• Pneumatic Control System Applications
• Electrical Control Systems
• Electronic Control Systems
• Building Automation Systems and Controllers
• Operator Interfaces
• Building Automation System Inputs and Outputs
• Building Automation System Installation, Wiring, and Testing
• Networks and Web-Based Control
• Direct Digital Control Strategies
• Supervisory Control Strategies
• Controller Programming
• Building Automation Systems Retrofit of Existing Systems
• Building System Management
• Energy Audits and Utility Structures
• Building Automation System Troubleshooting
• Building Automation System Interoperability: Advanced Technologies
• Building Commissioning