HVAC and Refrigeration Systems Workbook [2014]

HVAC and Refrigeration Systems Workbook [2014]


: 9780826907868

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HVAC and Refrigeration Systems Workbook
© 2014
ISBN: 9780826907868
Author(s): Ronnie J. Auvil
Consists of: 486 pages

The HVAC and Refrigeration Systems Workbook is designed to reinforce concepts and provide system information and activities for the material covered in the textbook. Section activities reinforce material, provide real-world examples, and promote critical thinking by allowing the learner to apply the concepts presented in each unit.

Review questions consist of true-false, multiple choice, and completion questions.
300 unit activities consist of matching, short essay, and completion scenarios.
150 advanced activities provide additional challenges to sharpen learner skills and comprehension.

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