Handbook of Surface Treatments and Coatings

Handbook of Surface Treatments and Coatings


: 0791801950

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Written by: HEF Groupe;
Coordinated by: Michel Cartier

In order to design and manufacture improved products that have a competitive edge in the global market, it is important to be able to produce surfaces that do not wear easily, are more resistant to tarnishing and corrosion, and retain their electical, optical, or thermal properties over long periods of time.

This book brings together practical information on the selection and appropriate use of surface treatments and coatings in mechanical engineering.

The selection methods are based on in-service properties and functions required. It provides a wealth of knowledge and expertise in an easily accessible way.--Comprehensive and up-to-date; Highly illustrated with many color photographs; Includes industry examples of problems encountered with effective solutions; Written with the practitioner in mind.

An indispensable guide for practicing engineers and designers tackling the universal problems of friction and wear--from the perspective of both prevention and cure--as well as for the manufacturers and suppliers of coatings and related equipment.
has published widely in this area.

Co-published by Professional Engineering Publishing, UK, and ASME Press.
Translated from the French edition published by the HEF Groupe. HEF is an independent R&D organization, founded in 1953, specializing in surface mechanics, treatments, and coatings,and offering technical advice and solutions to industry.quick-add/hvac-online-training-study-course /