Gas Heating

Gas Heating

: RSES (Refrigeration Service Engineers Society)

: 9781616070489

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This course explores the concepts of heating with gas. Included are Lessons related to combustion chemistry, heating fuels, burners and accessories, burner types and components (including natural gas-burning and LP gas-burning equipment), start-up and combustion efficiency testing, gas burner controls, ignition systems for infrared heaters, gas heating equipment maintenance, troubleshooting, and condensing furnaces.

Lesson 1 Combustion Chemistry
Lesson 2 Heating Fuels: Gas
Lesson 3 Burners and Accessories
Lesson 4 Burner Types and Components
Lesson 5 Gas Burners: Equipment Location and Piping for Natural and Manufactured Gas
Lesson 6 Gas Burners: LP Gas Installation Procedures
Lesson 7 Start-Up and Combustion Efficiency Testing
Lesson 8 Gas Burner Controls: Type, Purpose, and Function
Lesson 9 Combination Gas Controls
Lesson 10 Ignition Systems for Infrared Heaters
Lesson 11 Gas Heating Equipment Maintenance
Lesson 12 Troubleshooting
Lesson 13 Condensing Furnaces
Lesson 14 Appendix

isbn-- 9781616070489

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