Fundamentals of HVAC Acoustics (2001)  Dual units (IP/SI)

Fundamentals of HVAC Acoustics (2001) Dual units (IP/SI)

: Trane


: Book

Discussion of the fundamental concepts of acoustics as it applies to buildings and HVAC systems. Topics include: sound wave, frequency, broadband sound, tones, octave bands, one-third octave bands, sound power and sound pressure, decibels, loudness, A-weighting, Noise Criteria (NC), Room Criteria (RC), sones, phons, acoustical analysis procedure, source-path-receiver model, computerized analysis tools, attenuation and regeneration, sound transmission, sound absorption, sound reflection, room effect, equipment sound rating, free field, reverberent field, semireverberent field, industry rating standards, reverberent room method, ARI Standard 260.quick-add/hvac-online-training-study-course /