Engineer Entrepreneur

Engineer Entrepreneur

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By Daniel T. Koenig

Although there are many books available on starting and managing small businesses, very few are written specifically for engineers and engineering-based companies.

The successful engineering-based business is born not simply out of the desire to have one's own business, but is equally based on applying sound engineering principles in providing a product or service.

Written by an engineer with many years experience running his own business, this book presents the various phases of setting up and running a business based on applying technical knowledge to satisfy customer needs.

It also covers basic skills and business structure, along with explanation of all aspects of a business plan, annotated with examples, and many checklist summaries of all the things the entrepreneur should do to ensure a successful startup or to continue the growth of an existing business.

ISBN-13: 9780791801932
ISBN-10: 0791801934


: 0791801934

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