Electronic Proportional Controls

Electronic Proportional Controls

: RSES (Refrigeration Service Engineers Society)

: 9781616070748

: Book


This course includes measuring circuits, installation and wiring techniques, ac power and grounding practices, basic electronic troubleshooting, electronic controllers, adapters, and indicators, and final control devices.

Lesson 1 Introduction to Electronic Controls
Lesson 2 Solid-State Fundamentals
Lesson 3 Diodes and Power Supplies
Lesson 4 Power Supply Regulation and Filtration
Lesson 5 Silicon-Controlled Rectifiers
Lesson 6 Triacs, Diacs, and Solid-State Relays
Lesson 7 Protective Devices
Lesson 8 Measuring Circuits
Lesson 9 Installation and Wiring Techniques
Lesson 10 AC Power and Grounding Practices
Lesson 11 Basic Electronic Troubleshooting
Lesson 12 Electronic Controllers
Lesson 13 Electronic Adapters and Indicators
Lesson 14 Final Control Devices
Lesson 15 Applications (Part 1)
Lesson 16 Applications (Part 2)

isbn-- 9781616070748

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