Electromechanical Controls Instructor Edition

Electromechanical Controls Instructor Edition

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Beginning with electrical safety, this course covers Ohm’s Law, relays and contactors, transformers, capacitors, test instruments, electrical symbols and schematic diagrams, circuit protection devices, power supplies, electrical troubleshooting, control basics, modulating controls, and control applications.

Lesson 1 Electrical Safety
Lesson 2 Ohm’s Law
Lesson 3 Relays and Contactors
Lesson 4 Transformers
Lesson 5 Capacitors
Lesson 6 Test Instruments
Lesson 7 Electrical Symbols and Schematic Diagrams
Lesson 8 Circuit Protection Devices
Lesson 9 Power Supplies
Lesson 10 Electrical Troubleshooting
Lesson 11 Control Basics
Lesson 12 Modulating Controls (Part 1)
Lesson 13 Modulating Controls (Part 2)
Lesson 14 Applications (Part 1)
Lesson 15 Applications (Part 2)
Lesson 16 Appendix

isbn-- 9781616070823

: RSES (Refrigeration Service Engineers Society)

: 9781616070823

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