Electricity & Electronics for HVAC

Electricity & Electronics for HVAC

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Electricity and Electronics for HVAC
by Rex Miller and Mark Miller
2007, 9 x 7 ½, softcover
380 pages


This is a book for the technician who wants a complete understanding of electricity and electronics as it is applied to HVAC. It has over 345 very good illustrations.



       Introduction to Electricity
       Current, Voltage, Resistance, Power, and Ohm’s Law
       Resistors, Other Electric Components, and 
           Their Symbols
       Series and Parallel Circuits
       Magnetism, Solenoids, and Relays
       Electrical Measuring Instruments
       Electrical Power: Direct Current and
           Alternating Current
       Inductors and Transformers
       Capacitors and Capacitive Reactance
       Single-Phase and Three-Phase Alternating Current
       Solid-State Controls
       Alternating Current Motors
       Electrical Safety
       Control Devices
       Heating Circuits
       Air-Conditioning Circuits
       Refrigeration Circuits
       Controlling Electrical Power for Air-Conditioning Units
       Careers in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

isbn-- 2229780071496681

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