Electric Air Conditioning Connections (Spanish Edition )

Electric Air Conditioning Connections (Spanish Edition )

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: 9781432746698

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The installation, service, repair and maintenance of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment are two branches of the industry, which have had a development such that being a qualified technician is invaluable. The need for qualified technicians is a precondition for being able to move forward in such a competitive market. The technical preparation through the study, is elemental since it is the base of the knowledge that allows us to analyze and solve any type of problem that we find.

This manual is intended to provide the technician with a logical guide to the electrical connections of the different components and electrical devices used in air conditioning. The update with the changes that occur each day, will allow them to have a better control of the new equipment that is manufactured.

If you do not have prior knowledge of this specialty, do not try to use this manual as an infallible resource. It is important that you know what you are doing and take the appropriate steps to avoid accidents.

Luis Roman

isbn-- 9781432746698

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