Dewey's Instrument Troubleshooting Handbook

Dewey's Instrument Troubleshooting Handbook

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Purdy's Instrument Pocket Guide; by BTP

Dewey's Instrument Troubleshooting Handbook #IT2
(By Ralph Dewey)
This pocket-sized spiral book contains:
  • Startup and checkout pointers and fundamentals
  • Tricks of the trade,
  • Instrument fail safe considerations
  • Plenty of troubleshooting techniques
  • Safety tips Examples of case histories


The Dewey Instrument Troubleshooting Handbook is: a wealth of information for instrument craftsmen, technicians, engineers, operators and plant workers; an easy way to learn the basic steps for troubleshooting controls and instrument loops; full of practical tips and case histories to aid you in understanding the proper approaches and techniques of problem solving; uses time-tested methods for finding out what's wrong with instrumentation; clears up a lot of the troubleshooting mystery when it comes to loops and control equipment; a handy idea book for both beginners and seasoned professionals.

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About the Author:


Ralph Dewey has worked as an instrument craftsman, training coordinator and maintenance specialist for over 30 years.  He is an ISA Level III Certified Control System Technician and has taught instrument courses at San Jacinto College and Lee College. 


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 Purdy’s Instrument Handbook (104 pages) has been the favorite instrument reference book for craftsmen and instrument specialists since 1996.  It contains conversion factors, hookup diagrams, formulas, calibration information and lots of helpful reference data.




 Purdy’s Instrument Handbook #2 (104 pages)  contains all NEW and Different material from the original Purdy's Instrument Handbook.   It includes plenty of instrument solutions and answers, tricks of the trade, formulas, loop designs and useful reference data.




 Dewey’s Instrument Troubleshooting Handbook (104 pages) was published in 2001 and already it has become a popular resource.  It contains startup and checkout pointers, tricks of the trade, rules of thumb and lots of ideas for solving problems.  It contains plenty of troubleshooting techniques, tips and examples. 


  • Isbn-10 Digit: 1880215306
  • Isbn-13 Digit: 9781880215302
  • Author-1: Ralph Dewey
  • Copyright/Publication Date: 2001
  • Binding: comb-bound
  • Page Count: 104
  • Last Update (Date): January 12, 2010