Dehumidification in HVAC Systems (2002) Dual units (IP/SI)

Dehumidification in HVAC Systems (2002) Dual units (IP/SI)

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Discusses the dehumidification performance of various, cold-coil commercial HVAC systems, particularly at part-load conditions. Topics include: why control humidity in buildings?, sources of moisture, cold coil versus active desiccant dehumidification, full-load versus part-load conditions, ASHRAE weather data, dehumidification performance of constant-volume systems (packaged direct expansion DX equipment, energy recovery, fan-speed adjustment, mixed-air bypass, return-air bypass, DX coil circuiting, dual path air handlers, supply-air tempering or reheat), dehumidification performance of VAV systems (minimum airflow settings, supply-air temperature reset, supply-air tempering at VAV terminals, colder supply-air temperatures), dedicated outdoor-air systems (neutral versus cold, to space versus to other units, reset control strategies), unoccupied humidity control, building pressure control, airside economizer control, ASHRAE Standards 62 and 90.1.

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