Change Management: Concepts and Practice (The Technical Manager's Survival Guides)

Change Management: Concepts and Practice (The Technical Manager's Survival Guides)

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By Marcus Goncalves

“Marcus Goncalves guides us through the do-not’s of change management with fatherly wisdom, while masterfully weaving in a constant message: human experience and the synergy in human communication are our most valuable resources. Organizations need to recognize that it is sensitivity to human assets that will allow them to successfully compete in an inevitably changing, fast moving, international business environment. Change Management: Concepts and Practice is a profoundly inspiring guide to setting priorities, effecting change, and good leadership in today’s global landscape.”
--Yvette Jusseaume, Director, BU Global, Boston University

“This book is a great source of reference for anyone engaged in change management.  It provides good guidance to form an effective and planned change management strategy.” 
--Fatima AlAlawi, Vice President – Islamic International Rating Agency, Bahrain

"Being in an era of mandatory continuous improvement and an industry driven by technical knowledge, change management is more relevant than ever. Our ability to create a culture of change is paramount to our long term success. Marcus provides a solid case for CM and backs it up with the foundation and tools to get it done."
--Jeremy Clotfelter, PE, PMP, O&M Manager, PPL Montana

"I read this book and think that in general it is a good tool to help organizations in the process of change. I liked areas such as common mistakes, emotional obstacles, code of ethics and Kaizen."
--Jose Francoi, Latin America Product Supply, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Brazil
“Marcus's core thought in Change Management: Concepts and Practice is that the CEO and the Change Agent have to both work together to make things happen. As someone who has taken over several business, changed the culture, changed the information systems, realigned the rewards to the owners’ goals, and created strategic plans to get the owners what they want most, I can attest that it’s all here in the book. Read it, discuss it with your peers, ask questions, and work with that CEO or Change Agent to be successful. Don't become a "magazine article manager"; read this book, learn by doing, and execute change." 
--James Willey, VP, Covanta Philippines Operating, Inc., Philippines


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