Micro and Nanotribology

Micro and Nanotribology

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By Nobuo Ohmae, Jean Michel Martin and Shigeyuki Mori

Micro and Nanotribology conveys the current excitement of a research field that continues to benefit from new analytical surface tools with high-resolving power that clarifies undiscovered surface reactions in tribology and better identifies materials, design, external forces, atmosphere, etc.

Studying atomic and molecular behavior at the interface of moving surfaces, it focuses on new results that advance researchers’ understanding of macroscale tribology.

Chapter 1:  Introduction to Micro and Nanotribology

Chapter 2:  Role of Surface Analysis

Chapter 3:  Tribochemical Reactions in Boundary Lubrication: Nano-scale Events

Chapter 4:  Fracture of Surface on an Atomic Scale

Chapter 5:  Materials for Micro and Nanotribology:  Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2) and Carbon Nanotubes (CNT)

Chapter 6:  Materials for Micro and Nanotribology:  Liquid Crystals, Fluid Films, and Other Lubricants

Chapter 7:  Gas Phase Lubrication

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