Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials

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The Bill of Materials;(BOM) software does an automatic takeoff of ducts, fittings and registers from ductwork you draw using Drawing Board and Manual D Ductsize. BOM also allows manual take-off input data as well and can be used without Drawing Board if so desired. All types of project materials can be entered in the take-off such as equipment, refrigerant, copper tubing, hangers, mastic, etc.

Both material and labor costs are tabulated. Sales tax on material and/or labor can be applied on an item by item basis. BOM comes with a large database of HVAC items and it also has the ability to import databases from supply houses. Parts, assemblies and even nested assemblies are allowed in the material databases. Use BOM to quickly and accurately estimate your project costs so that profitable selling prices can be established.

: Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA)

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