Basic Electronics Instructor Edition

Basic Electronics Instructor Edition

: RSES (Refrigeration Service Engineers Society)

: 9781616070366

: Book


Beginning with a review of the basics, this course offers instruction in solid-state fundamentals, diodes and power supplies, power supply regulation and filtration, transistors, silicon-controlled rectifiers, triacs, diacs, solid-state relays, Peltier diodes, basic binary math, analog and digital integrated circuits, and microprocessors and computers.

Lesson 1 Back to Basics
Lesson 2 Solid-State Fundamentals
Lesson 3 Diodes and Power Supplies
Lesson 4 Power Supply Regulation and Filtration
Lesson 5 Transistors
Lesson 6 Silicon-Controlled Rectifiers
Lesson 7 Triacs, Diacs, and Solid-State Relays
Lesson 8 Peltier Diodes
Lesson 9 Protective Devices
Lesson 10 Number Systems
Lesson 11 Logic Circuits
Lesson 12 Digital Integrated Circuits
Lesson 13 Analog Integrated Circuits
Lesson 14 Microprocessors and Computers

isbn-- 9781616070366

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