Audel HVAC Fundamentals Volume 3

Audel HVAC Fundamentals Volume 3

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Audel HVAC Fundamentals, Volume 3 , by James E. Brumbaugh

The third book in the comprehensive, updated HVAC Library, a hands-on guide-book for installation, service, and repair for HVAC equipment and components, with detailed coverage of air conditioning

Covers basic installation, maintenance, and repair of radiant heating systems, radiators, convector's, unit heating systems, fireplaces, stoves, chimneys, water heaters, indoor/outdoor pool heaters, heat pumps, fans, exhaust systems, air cleaners and filters, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers

Contains special sections on installing air conditioning in new and older construction, including air conditioning calculations

includes appendices featuring a trade organization listing, formula cross reference, data tables with conversions, and a manufacturer listing for the products covered in the book

Unique coverage and organization as well as economical cost make this ideal reference for the seasoned HVAC tech, apprentice, or trade school student. July 2004

isbn-- 9780764542084

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: 9780764542084

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