Applying the ASME Codes (Mister Mech Mentor)

Applying the ASME Codes (Mister Mech Mentor)

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Folllowing the success of his first book related to Hydraulics, Pipe Flow, Industrial HVAC & Utility Systems, Mister Mech Mentor now offers an all-new, easy-to-read collection of chapters featuring ASME Piping & Pressure Vessel Code applications. Written in a friendly style, this book provides the essential benefits of instruction by a personal mentor who explains why and how, while teaching potentially dangerous lessons in physics and engineering design. Spared the embarrassment of painful mistakes, both early-career and experienced engineers will gain practical knowledge from frank, colorful cases and learn to solve a variety of mechanical problems, including: Pipe Stress & Strain Structural Supports Pressure Vessels Jacketed Pipes Bellows-Type Expansion Joints Process Piping...

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