AnswerMan Principles of Air Conditioning

AnswerMan Principles of Air Conditioning

: ESCO Institute

: 9781930044036

: Book


This 86 page manual provides the technician with a solid foundation in the principles of air conditioning and refrigeration. The condensed format and simple language make this manual easy to read and understand. This book is small in size - Big on information. This book is packet full of usefull information but small enough to put in your pocket. The AnswerMan Principles of Air Conditioning is an excellent training manual for the beginning technician and a great review for the journeyman. Subjects covered include: temperature and pressure, basic thermodynamic principles, physical matter, sensible and latent heat, gas laws, refrigerant cycle, refrigerants, environmental impact of CFCs, system service and troubleshooting.

ISBN: 9781930044036