AnswerMan HVAC&R Reference Guide

AnswerMan HVAC&R Reference Guide

: ESCO Institute

: 9781930044029

: Book


The AnswerMan Pocket Reference Guide provides fast and easy answers that would otherwise require a library of textbooks. AnswerMan Pocket Reference Guide is a handy pocket sized reference manual that every air conditioning and refrigeration technician MUST have. AnswerMan Pocket Reference Guide isn't just a book, it's a tool that you'll use everyday. This book is a compilation of charts, graphs, formulas, and troubleshooting guidelines. The Reference Guide contains: Temp/Pressure/Enthalpy/Entropy charts Troubleshooting Charts English/Metric conversions Gas laws/formulas Material insulation values Electrical/wire capacity/motor spec/electronics Fastener/torque specs Pipe and tubing/copper/aluminum/steel Taps/dies/drill sizes And much more Over 140 pages of useful information.

ISBN: 9781930044029