Answer Man Pocket Reference (3) Vol. HVAC Bundle - Paperback

Answer Man Pocket Reference (3) Vol. HVAC Bundle - Paperback

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1) AnswerMan - Electricity for HVAC & R: A Guide to Troubleshooting ISBN-13: 9781930044074

2) AnswerMan - Principles of Air Conditioning ISBN-13: 9781930044036

3) AnswerMan - HVAC & R Reference Guide ISBN-13: 9781930044029

1. Electrical problems account for more than 80% of all service scenarios. "Electricity for HVAC&R - A Guide to Troubleshooting" provides the technician with the information necessary to successfully diagnose electrical problems. "Electricity for HVAC&R - A Guide to Troubleshooting", is a practical view of what electricity is and how it works. It is more than just a textbook. Each subject is addressed by answering the most frequently asked questions about electricity.

Every effort has been made to keep it simple. The small in size format of the AnswerMan series of books makes it easy to keep big information readily at hand.

2. This 86 page manual provides the technician with a solid foundation in the principles of air conditioning and refrigeration. The condensed format and simple language make this manual easy to read and understand.

3. The AnswerMan Pocket Reference Guide provides fast and easy answers that would otherwise require a library of textbooks.

AnswerMan Pocket Reference Guide is a handy pocket sized reference manual that every air conditioning and refrigeration technician MUST have. AnswerMan Pocket Reference Guide isn't just a book, it's a tool that you'll use everyday. 

This book is a compilation of charts, graphs, formulas, and troubleshooting guidelines.

The Reference Guide contains:  Temp/Pressure/Enthalpy/Entropy charts Troubleshooting Charts English/Metric conversions Gas laws/formulas Material insulation values Electrical/wire capacity/motor spec/electronics Fastener/torque specs Pipe and tubing/copper/aluminum/steel Taps/dies/drill sizes And much more Over 140 pages of useful information


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