Absorption Water Chillers (2000)  Dual units (IP/SI)

Absorption Water Chillers (2000) Dual units (IP/SI)

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Discussion of the fundamentals of the absorption refrigeration cycle as it pertains to water chillers. Topics include: absorption refrigeration cycle (generator or concentrator, condenser, evaporator, absorber, heat exchanger), system fluids (water, lithium bromide), equilibrium chart, single-effect versus double-effect chillers, indirect-fired versus direct-fired chillers, chiller/heaters, capacity control methods (energy valve, AFD), causes of crystallization and methods of prevention, purge operation, general maintenance considerations (corrosion inhibitors), cooling-water temperature limitations, combination gasand-electric plants, special considerations for direct-fired chillers, ASHRAE Standard 15, and ARI Standard 560.quick-add/hvac-online-training-study-course /